• WISPR – Vaporizer


    WISPR – Vaporizer


    From the makers of the Original IOLITE brings you, the WISPR V2!!


    Expresso Brown | Grape Red | Oyster Blue | Pistachio Green | Pumpkin Orange

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  • VOLCANO – Vaporizer

    £309.99 £299.99

    VOLCANO – Vaporizer

    £309.99 £299.99

    Volcano is the number one vaporizer available.

    It’s been tried, tested and passes every challenge you want to throw at it. The name ‘Volcano’ has become a by-word for quality and has, to this date, not been beaten….

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  • VOLCANO – Solid Valve Set


    VOLCANO – Solid Valve Set


    The Solid Valve can be used with all Volcano vaporizers produced so far.

    Solid design made of stainless steel and heat resistant plastics
    Individual balloon sizes
    Inexpensive extra balloon material
    Adjustable filling chamber volume

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  • VOLCANO – Mighty Handheld Vaporiser


    VOLCANO – Mighty Handheld Vaporiser


    The Mighty is The Crafty’s bigger brother.

    The Mighty is the one of the smallest vaporiser’s in the Volcano range, measuring at 14 x 8 x 3cm. Its definitely portable.

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  • VOLCANO – Easy Valve Set


    VOLCANO – Easy Valve Set


    Complete Valve Set Includes:

    5 Easy Valve Balloons
    Filling Chamber with Cap
    Normal Screen Set
    Liquid pad set
    Cleaning Brush

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  • VOLCANO – Digital Vaporizer


    VOLCANO – Digital Vaporizer


    Volcano has long been, in our opinion the best on the market and now they have made the digital version it’s even easier to set and use.

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  • VOLCANO – Crafty Handheld Vaporiser


    VOLCANO – Crafty Handheld Vaporiser


    The Crafty is The Mighty’s little brother.

    The Crafty is the smallest vaporiser in the Volcano range, measuring at 11 x 5.7 x 3cm. It certainly is pocket sized.

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  • VOLCANO – Bags


    VOLCANO – Bags


    3 meters (9.8ft) polyester tube to manufacture Volcano ballons. The original Volcano ballon consists of a highly pure and robust polyester. It is heat proof, foodsafe and tasteless.

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  • PINNACLE PRO – Vaporizer


    PINNACLE PRO – Vaporizer


    The newest version of the Pinnacle Pro Model now features a 5 new dynamic heat settings and a bolstered heating chamber, which allows you to easily adjust the heat by simply touching a single button. This means you can quickly and efficiently vaporize your favorite herbal blends.

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  • PAX – PAX 2 Vaporizer


    PAX – PAX 2 Vaporizer


    The newly updated and refreshed PAX 2 features a battery with a 30% higher battery capacity; a sleek, streamlined designed; and an even deeper heating oven chamber that evenly heats the aromatherapy for the highest quality of vapor. With all of these advancements, most people would assume the PAX 2 was bigger than the original PAX. However, the new device is 10% lighter and 25% smaller than the original unit.

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  • MAGIC FLIGHT – Launch Box MFLB Power Adaptor


    MAGIC FLIGHT – Launch Box MFLB Power Adaptor


    For those of you who want an alternative to the standard battery charger

    Check out the Magic Flight Power Adaptor 2.0!!

    This is a 3 part, 2 option charger, allowing you to hit it up whilst at home through a mains charger…… or in your car with the car charger.

    Much like their Launch Box’s, Magic Flight have put the same amount of time and craftsmenship into the Temp Control unit. Making this as much a nice Read More

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  • MAGIC FLIGHT – Launch Box MFLB


    MAGIC FLIGHT – Launch Box MFLB


    Super small, SUPER popular vaporizer! A best seller….and it's all just been revamped AND is also now available in 3 finishes, Maple (Original), Cherry & Walnut!

    It is so small and well thought out and it only takes seconds to work. It's really simple!

    Maple | Cherry | Walnut

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